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Bucharest, Romania

Design solutions for brands like Okta, ThoughtSpot, Gong, PlanGrid, Seerene and more.

design, graphic design, illustration, ui, ux, web design

  1. Gong Homepage app website 3d flat web illustration branding vector icon ux ui design
  2. Star Performers illustration colors graph animation flat web branding ux vector icon ui design illustration
  3. Isometric Calculator vector calculator illustration ux ui design web 3d 2d isometric
  4. Documentation Page 2d 3d illustration website web vector ux ui flat design
  5. Product Page product web vector ux ui icons illustration design 3d 2d
  6. Access Denied pop-up stop ux ui app vector icon animation illustration flat design pop-up
  7. Sales Leaders page isometri flat icon illustration coaching website ui leaders sales design webdesign web
  8. City of Data after effects app vector icon 2d 3d design illustration ux ui animation gif
  9. Two Dribbble Invites illustration vector animation dribbble game welcome invite invitation giveaway invites
  10. Tripod Lamp - product page cart ecommerce type flat web branding ux vector product typography ui design
  11. Totem Landing Page website clean web flat isometric illustration grid ui laptop design 3d 2d
  12. Features page (WIP) web ux ui design screens app chart stats webpage features
  13. Mobile Page Animation animation type flat web app vector icon ux ui design mobile illustration
  14. Marketing Dashboard flat icon illustration ui design ux ui interface chart app analytics marketing dashboard
  15. How it Works page (WIP) flat icon illustration steps record webpage graphic marketing ux ui how it works web
  16. Sales Conversations Map map illustration graphic website web vector ux ui flat design
  17. Blog & Article Pages filters featured sales events marketing news ux ui webpage web article blog
  18. 5 Stages of SDM eBook Cover dots 3d blue right book arrow stages tips software developers cover ebook
  19. Features page flat icon illustration marketing stats ui ux comments design webdesign web features
  20. Dribbble Invites isometric icon illustration dribbble invites design player invite giveaway invitations invites dribbble
  21. eBook Download Modal form web clean download pop-up modal ebook
  22. Booking Dashboard bookings dashboard
  23. Isometric platform illustration isometric 3d clean vector icon design illustration
  24. Ambassador Case Study website web vector ux ui illustration icon flat design branding app 3d
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